Petition to Get Verge on Adyen Might Not Matter All That Much

There is no shortage of ambition in the world of cryptocurrency. A lot of alternative cryptocurrencies aim to become the next Bitcoin, even though they will face a major uphill battle. For fans of the Verge altcoin, a new petition has gone live in order to see XVG added to Adyen.

Another Potentially Useless Altcoin Petition

When it comes to ensuring altcoins gain traction, there are various ways to go about things, though most efforts will prove to be unsuccessful in the long run. We have seen numerous petitions created on, even though they have all fallen short of making a meaningful impact.

Perhaps the most notable petition was the one to get Litecoin listed as a payment option on Amazon. While the world’s largest e-commerce platform is of great interest to cryptocurrency users, the company has zero plans to add this payment method. That does not just apply to Litecoin, as Amazon has no interest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the other cryptocurrencies either. The petition did get a lot of signatures, but ultimately made no difference whatsoever.

The latest cryptocurrency-related campaign on will not make much of an impact either. While it is commendable to see Verge community members make an effort to get Adyen to accept XVG as a currency, there is no good reason for the company to do so as of right now. Verge is still in the early stages of development, and it remains to be seen if this altcoin has any future to speak of.

On paper, a Verge-Adyen partnership is not exactly impossible, as Adyen has shown a keen interest in cryptocurrency payments. Even so, they mainly focus on Bitcoin as of right now, as it is the only cryptocurrency with a proven track record in the payments space. That doesn’t mean BTC is the perfect choice by any means, though, as it will still need to evolve in the years to come.

While the petition had nearly reached the required 500 signatures at the time of writing, the opinion of these individuals will not matter all that much. Verge is a cryptocurrency associated with a lot of hype and speculation, even more so than other currencies. At the same time, its partnership with PornHub is considered to be a major deal. It’s highly doubtful that people will buy a relatively unknown altcoin to pay for porn memberships.

As for Adyen, it would be worthwhile to keep an eye on the cryptocurrency ecosystem and look beyond Bitcoin. Doing so will require taking an innovative approach, although that doesn’t necessarily mean the company will adopt any altcoins. In particular, currencies outside of the top five ranked by market cap will not necessarily be of great interest right now. Even so, things could change as cryptocurrencies continue to grow and evolve.