Celebrating Three Years of Bitcoin Wednesday on July 6

Monthly Bitcoin meetings are an excellent way to raise awareness about cryptocurrency. Over in Amsterdam, the Bitcoin Wednesday initiative is celebrating its third birthday on July 6th. There will be a reception, various workshops, and presentations. Tickets are very limited, and RSVPing is mandatory for those looking to attend.

Bitcoin Wednesday Continues The Streak

Bitcoin Wednesday

It has proven to be relatively difficult to come across a Bitcoin meetup group that has an event every month. While there may be multiple groups out there who can claim that moniker in the US and Asia, things are a bit different in Europe. Bitcoin Wednesday is one of the few exceptions, as they will hold their 37th consecutive event on July 6.

As is the case with every Bitcoin Wednesday event, there will be different presentations and workshops to attend. Among the presentations is Oraclize.it, Wings.ai, Blockchain Education Network, and NXT Foundation. All of these talks will touch upon different subjects, ranging from DAOs to Blockchain scalability and Dapps.

The Netherlands has always kept an open mind towards cryptocurrency in general, which explains why these type of meetups are quite popular in the region. There is also plenty of room for networking and exchanging ideas. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are on the mind of a lot of people, and events like these welcome discussions.

What makes the Bitcoin Wednesday events so successful is how the meetups are accessible to everyone. Advanced cryptocurrency users or less tech-savvy consumers are all more than welcome to attend. The primary objectives are having fun, meeting new people, and exchanging ideas, regardless of how crazy they may sound at first.

The July 6th event will run from 5:30 PM all the way until 11 PM, and reserving a spot is mandatory. The organizers chose an exceptional location as well, as the event will be held at EyeFilm, directly across the Ij from Centraal Station. Early bird tickets are still available for the price of 10 EUR – to be paid in Bitcoin only – albeit there is only a limited number available. Last-minute tickets will be made available as well, as the price of 20 EUR each. 

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