Bitcoin Meetup Growth Signals Increased Interest In Digital Currency

If there was ever any doubt regarding the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem, look no further than the current Meetup group numbers. With over 670 Bitcoin Meetup groups and more than 128,000 members worldwide, there is no denying there is a lot of interest in the digital currency ecosystem. The Bitcoin efforts are spreading throughout all of the world, and there seems to be more growth on the horizon.

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Bitcoin Meetup Groups All Over The World

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It should come as no surprise to anyone to find out the largest Bitcoin Meetup groups are located in the United States. To make this even more stereotypical, the locations where Bitcoin Meetup enthusiasm thrives are New York, San Francisco, and Sunnyvale. All of these areas make headlines on a regular basis when it comes to innovation, finance, or technology.

That being said, the Bitcoin Meetup growth is spreading all over the world, even though most of the groups reside in the US and Europe. Staying true to the decentralized aspect of digital currency, areas like Latin America, Africa, and Asia are popping up on the map as well. Bitcoin is all around us, except for Eastern Europe it seems.

While numbers may not tell the whole story, there is no denying that maintaining a Bitcoin Meetup group consisting of over 1,000 members is quite a challenge. Ultra Light Startups is the largest Bitcoin Meetup group in the world and hails from New York, NY, USA. With close to 3,000 members, there is huge potential for Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the region, even though the Bitlicense regulation is not too favorable towards startups or innovation in its current state.

Israel should not be discounted when it comes to interest in Bitcoin and the blockchain, though. The Israel Bitcoin Meetup Group – based in Tel Aviv-Yafo – has surpassed the 2,000 members mark not too long ago, and keeps growing on a monthly basis. It is interesting to note how the number six spot in the rankings is reserved for the Bitcoin Argentina group, as they are getting close to 2,000 members as well.

There are some Bitcoin Meetup groups where the member numbers are very low, but that is only to be expected. As new groups form all over the world, they mostly start out as individual events, or as a common interest between a handful of people. Any growth in the Bitcoin Meetup world is more than welcome.

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