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The Future of Insurance in 2020

Surely, the insurance industry is one of the biggest out there. The revenue made by this industry has already reached over 5 trillion US dollars and it’s still on an upward trend. 2020 is already here and many already have their predictions when it comes to how the industry will do this year and even the next few years. The main concern that insurance and insurers have is mainly change. …
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Technological Advancements in Online Betting

Online betting has taken considerable strides over the past ten years. With the first online casinos and sportsbooks offering players extremely basic, limited choices, the advancement in betting tech has been nothing short of remarkable. While the tech advancements have made the biggest impact, the USA reversing its ban on online sports and casino gambling have also changed the market’s structure. For example, it is now legal to participate in …
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Why You Must Switch To An xAPI Enabled Learning Management System

Effective tracking of learners’ interaction with the course material is perhaps one of the most notable advantages of eLearning technology over traditional learning methods.  The ability to track a learner’s progress and optimise the learning experience to maximise effectiveness truly revolutionised the way we learn. All this was made possible with a system of standards and specifications known as SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model). In essence, SCORM is used …
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