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7 Best Sites for Blockchain News in 2020

With the ascendancy of the blockchain and cryptocurrency in recent years, it seems that everyone is getting into the game of covering blockchain technology. Here are the 7 best sites for blockchain news in 2020. #1 CoinDesk Coindesk was founded in 2013. CoinDesk created the Bitcoin Price Index, commonly referenced in The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times. The site reaches millions with its website and other media covering …
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How to Create a Very Successful Cryptocurrency Marketing Campaign

There’s no denying that cryptocurrency has taken over the world. Since the explosive impact of Bitcoin hit the economy several years ago, the industry hasn’t slowed down since, and there are cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems and companies popping up all over the place and in every sector. With this, it should come as no surprise that Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) now have bigger funding for ventures in this industry than …
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