Cardfy Sells German and Austrian Gift Cards for Bitcoin

It is always positive to see a new merchant venture into the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, as it opens up exciting opportunities for both businesses and consumers. Cardfy, a shop specializing in German gift cards, now accepts Bitcoin payments.

Cardfy Sells Local Gift Cards For Bitcoin

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Very few European retailers are focusing on offering gift cards in exchange for Bitcoin, even though there seems to a huge market for this type of service. Over in Germany, Cardfy is on the ball in this regard, as they have launched an online service where German Bitcoin enthusiasts can purchase gift cards for everyday purchases.

Other than supporting on their site, Cardfy also sells other interesting gift cards. Zalando is represented, which is a popular clothing and shoe service where customers can order now and pay later. Conrad is on the list as well; this is a very popular store in Germany and even Austria.

When it comes to regular purchases, German Bitcoin enthusiasts will be pleased to hear both Real and Kaufhof are supported. Real is a very large store in Germany and Austria, where consumers can find anything from fresh food to drinks, electronics, hobby items, and clothing. Lots of customers from The Netherlands and Belgium visit a Real near the German border, due to their low prices and excellent goods.

Online services can be found over at Cardfy as well, including Itunes, Spotify, Nintendo eShop, Xbox, and Playstation Store. In fact, their selection is a lot bigger than most competing sites in other countries, and there is a discount available for every purchase as well, similar to what Gyft offers Bitcoin customers.

It is positive to see more of these localized services pop up around the world. Buying gift cards with Bitcoin is a very convenient way for consumers to spend cryptocurrency on everyday purchases. More initiatives like these are needed, as it will help boost Bitcoin awareness in a positive manner.

Website: Cardfy

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