CAPTcoin – The crypto-currency for everyone!

This blog post has been written by the very own EcuaMobi – the developer of captcoin. 

What is it?

CAPTcoin is the new crypto-currency designed to be claimed and used by everybody. During 50 days, anyone will be able to get their share just by investing some time. Nobody can get free CAPTcoins in any other way, so it’s fair for all.


Distribution is the unique and key aspect of CAPTcoin. The objectives are:
– To be as fair as possible.
– To allow everybody to participate. No need to have miners, no need to be tech-savvy.
– To prevent the same people from claiming several times, unless they invest a greater amount of time.
– To have stake holders appreciate their coins, therefore they need to make some effort.
CAPTcoin will be distributed during 50 days. Anybody will be able to grab their share of CAPTcoins.


CAPTCoin distribution will start on Friday, July the 25th 2014 at 5PM UTC. So you are on time to be an early adopter!
It will last 50 days, until Saturday, September the 13th 2014 at 5PM UTC.
However, if all  20,000.000 are distributed before that date, then the distribution is over.


To claim CAPTcoin, you need to go to
There, you’ll need to enter your own CAPTcoin address and complete 3 CAPT-chas for every claim.
There will be 3 CAPT-chas for every claim for two reasons:
– Every CAPT-cha will be from separate providers, making even more difficult for bots to hack the system.
– Because everyone will be investing a considerable amount of time for every claim, coins will be valuable.

How many coins?

During the first 10 days, every claim will be awarded with one full CAPTcoin.
On August the 4th, the reward will half to 0.5 CAPTcoins. And then on August the 24th, it will half again to 0.25.
On September the 13th, all remaining coins will be destroyed.


The more people use CAPTcoin, the more successful it will be, and the more valuable each coin will become.
Therefore, CAPTcoin will reward those who spread the word.
To get your referral link, you need to complete the CAPT-cha form 50 times. After that threshold, share it and start earning more CAPTcoins.
When somebody enters using your referral, he will become your referral. This means, you will earn 10% of the amount of CAPTcoins earned by him!
And, to motivate people to use your referral link, they will earn an extra 5% if they used a referral link to enter.
So, get ready to get your referral link and start sharing it.
Ticker: CAPT
100% distributed via CAPTchas
Total coins: 20,000,000
Stake: 30% per year, until 100,000,000 are created
Recommended confirmations: 4
Maturity: 50 confirmations
Minimum age: 8 hours
Maximum age: 50 days
P2P port: 26651
RPC port: 26652
Although CAPTcoin hasn’t been released yet, several relating projects have been completed already:
Official Website: is the official Website. All information, resources and tools are available there.
The wallet: The official CAPTcoin wallet is ready. You can get the Windows version, as well as the source code, here:
Block explorer: The official block explorer (based on BitPay’s insight) is available here:
The Official forum has been set up:
Very soon, an automated escrow service will be ready too

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