Brave Surpasses 8 Million Active Monthly Users

Very few cryptocurrency projects manage to make a lasting mainstream impact. Brave has proven to be a different breed in this regard. The new browser solution continues to grow and evolve across the board. In a recent update, the team confirmed there are now over 8 million active users per month. A major turn of events, primarily because so many users doubted this venture during the early stages. 

The Growing User Base

Any cryptocurrency or blockchain solution is only as strong as its user base. Whereas most of these projects taper off after a few weeks of excitement, Brave continues to grow on a semi-aggressive basis. The daily active users’ numbers have surpassed the 2.8 million mark. On a global level, this is still next to nothing. Other browsers have a much bigger user base, which is only to be expected.  On a monthly active users scale, the total now sits well above 8 million. 

Both figures further confirm there is significant growth in this regard. Getting consumers to change their browser in favor of a relatively new project has never been easy. This is also one of the main reasons why so many people still use Internet Explorer or Edge, simply because it is the default choice. Chrome remains the industry’s biggest player by a margin, although Firefox, Opera, and even Safari are more than viable alternatives as well. More competition in this space is never a bad thing, as it will benefit the end user. 

Verified Publishers Galore

One of the key pillars of the brave ecosystem is how both browser users and content creators will be rewarded for their efforts. To earn money as a content creator, one has to become a Verified Publisher. It appears there is significant growth in this regard as well, as there are nearly 300,000 Verified Publishers as of right now. It seems the recent addition of Twitter support for Basic Attention Token is a crucial factor for the recent growth spurt.

For the time being, YouTube remains the biggest platform for Brave Verified Publishers right now. Over two-thirds of the publishers are active on this video platform as  a content creator. Website publishers, Twitch Streamers, and Twitter users make up the vast majority of the remaining Verified Publishers. There is still lots of room for future growth, but for now, the company seems to be happy with the way things are going. 

Ad Campaigns Prove Successful

Another key pillar of the Brave ecosystem is providing advertisers with an alternative way to engage users and viewers. So far, there have been nearly 400 Brave campaigns, which note a whopping 97 million ad confirmation events. The biggest selling point is how users seem to engage a lot more with these ads. Despite a traditional industry average of just 2%, Brave’s campaigns note a click-through rate of 14%. It is evident that this strategy seems to work quite well for all parties involved. Attracting more campaigns will continue to be a top priority for the foreseeable future.