Brave Partners with the Dow Jones Media Group to Disrupt Online Advertising

A lot of different goals can be achieved through digital currencies, blockchain technology, and innovation. In the case of the Brave browser, a lot of positive changes are happening as we speak. For this team, it is of the utmost importance to get as many partners on board as possible. The latest company to do so is none other than the Dow Jones Media Group.

A Major Partnership for the Brave Team

While the concept of Brave seemingly makes a lot of sense to consumers, website owners are not necessarily convinced this business model will work out in the long run. Brave allows users to remove all ads from the browser experience, watch ads and be paid for it, or replace traditional ads with whitelisted solutions. It is the latter aspect which will require a fair bit of work.

Without sufficient partners on board, solutions such as Brave will not make much of an impact. However, the company has found a new media partner in the Dow Jones Media Group. This outlet is pretty well known all over the world, and it will generate and disseminate media content to Brave users on a “first-come, first-serve basis”. This feature will only be available to select users, although it is unclear how they will be chosen exactly.

The content being offered to Brave users spans multiple websites, including and the premium MarketWatch newsletter. For anyone interested in financial news and information, this particular offering may very well be worth paying attention to. Even though that will mean installing a brand-new browser for a fair few users, it is still a better option compared to what else is available right now.

Moreover, it seems both Barron’s and MarketWatch will become verified publishers for the Basic Attention Token platform. This will allow consumers and advertisers to pay publishers for the provided content. Whether or not there will be any significant interest in doing so is a different matter altogether. It is an option well worth looking into; that much is rather evident.

There is a bright future ahead for blockchain technology in the media and advertising industries. So far, there has been no major change in the way sites offer advertisements or deal with publishing in general. That situation may come to change in the future, depending on how ventures such as this one play out. Exploring new technologies is of the utmost importance in this regard.

This partnership is a big step forward for Brave and the Dow Jones Media Group. At the same time, this offering does not encompass the Dow Jones organization – including the Wall Street Journal – or any of its other sites. That situation may come to change if this new partnership proves successful. Fighting the growing influx of ad blockers will require a very different mindset, and Brave may be the answer to this problem.