Brave Keeps Onboarding Verified Publishers in Droves

Very few cryptocurrency-related ecosystems can not sustainable growth. Brave is one of those projects that seemingly keeps gaining more popularity. 

There are many things to like about Brave, either as a browser or an ecosystem. 

Ongoing Brave Growth is Impressive

It is a very different way of browsing the internet or to create content for the World Wide Web.

Particularly among publishers, the ecosystem has gained a lot of traction.

To this date, over 350,000 publishers have become verified to accept BAT contributions from their readers.

Although this is not necessarily a massive money-making method, it is a viable alternative.

Not forcing annoying ads upon users is often the best course of action for everyone involved. 

It would appear a lot of Youtubers are getting in on the action.

YouTube recently changed its guidelines for content creators.

It is possible that will create significant revenue problems for  a lot of contributors.

Tapping into alternative payment streams at an early stage is never a bad approach. 

Despite the growth in verified publishers, the number of active BAT addresses isn’t rising too much.

Nor are there all that many users who even have BAT in their Brave wallet these days.

It is still very early for this new ecosystem, but there are plenty of positive signs.