Boost VC Wants To Invest In Ethereum Projects

Ethereum has been the subject of many debates and discussions over the past 18 months; as many people questioned whether or not this digital currency ecosystem would be able to deliver on their promises. Most of those concerns were put to bed when Ethereum Frontier launched, as well as all of the platforms and tools that have been released ever since. Things are looking quite good for Ethereum actually, especially now that Boost VC is looking to invest in companies using this technology.

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Why Ethereum Matters To Boost VC

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Everyone active in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency has heard of Boost VC by now, as they are responsible for a lot of investment funds flowing to Bitcoin companies in the past three and a half years. By taking a stake in over 50 Bitcoin companies to date, Boost VC has been elevated to the status of key financial influence in the Bitcoin world.

The choice for Bitcoin – over then existing alternatives such as Peercoin and Dogecoin – was easy to make. While investors will always look for ways to diversify their portfolio, things work a bit different in digital currency industry. Boost VC made the right call by focusing all of their resources on Bitcoin, as it was – and still is – the leading digital currency and blockchain effort in existence today.

But the time has come for Boost VC to keep closer tabs on the Ethereum space, as there is a growing list of additional investment opportunities. Unlike the Bitcoin ecosystem, Ethereum developers have managed to clearly define leadership and work as a cohesive unit. Some people might argue this is not true decentralization, but that is a discussion for a different day. In the end, Ethereum developers are delivering results, which is of the utmost important to potential investors.

Additionally, there are a lot of projects being built on top of the Ethereum blockchain right now. For investors who want to be part of the future of Ethereum startups, now seems to be the most opportune time to invest. Boost VC has talked to various entrepreneurs who are now developing blockchain solutions thanks to the launch of Ethereum.

Not all of the chance happens outside of the investing scene either, though, as various Boost VC portfolio companies are using the Ethereum blockchain as well. When the companies one invests in switch from Bitcoin to Ethereum, it warrants a closer look at why this change is taking place to begin with. For Boost VC, this was the largest deciding factor.

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