Blockchain Technologies Are About to Rock the Crypto and Gaming Industries

The popularity of blockchain technologies had gone through the roof. It showed startups a new way of capital investment — Initial Coin Offer (ICO). Seems like there’s an endless amount of new companies with a great and promising outcome. With so many startups and up-to-date technologies, today is an exciting time to be a cryptocurrency investor.

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One of the most advanced markets nowadays is the gaming industry. 2017 was one of the greatest years in the world of video games, it became a landmark with revenues exceeding $116 billion. People are spending more than ever on games, and this is especially true for the millennial generation. The PC scene, which was supposed to fall of, is actually showing that it won’t be denied. The recent analysis by shows that players are equally playing on console and personal computers. With blockchain technologies, these gaming PCs could be used to make money.

What can it offer?

One of the startups that have already proved the high quality of its product is Game Machine. It merges the gaming industry and blockchain technologies. The team developed the project with consideration of all parties involved — the gamers are interested in getting the items for their favorite titles, developers get the platform to promote their games and investors can find a valuable project faster. Game Machine simply unites all of them in one transparent platform.

Game Machine is an ambitious project, but with a clear vision and fundamental ideas. It was started in March 2017 with a budget of $80,000. At the beginning, the team invested their own money and after a couple of months of developing, they got additional $120,000 from investors. The team consists of the brightest minds in the industry and has gone far for a project that was started not so long ago. CEO of Game Machine, Taras Dovgal, talks about the team:

“Game Machine is constantly developing and growing. Currently, the team consists of 15 members. It isn’t a big group, but we can easily say that we’re friends and are united by the same ideas. We also have additional help from talented marketers, designers, and traffic-managers”.

The great thing about Game Machine is that it already has a working product. The team was focused on the development of the client app for months and has just released Open Beta version of it. Game Machine Client consists of a miner and a store of items for popular games such as CS:GO and Dota 2. Gamers all over the world are showing a great interest — the client had attracted more than 70,000 users in 2 months. That’s no wonder because the gamers get what they want by providing calculation powers of their PCs and not by paying their hard-earned money. The team is also providing constant updates for the mobile application of Game Machine.

From investors’ point of view, the project can offer an opportunity to make simple and safe contributions to game projects. Investors will get an access to the crowdfunding platform with analytics and interest rating from all participating gamers. The system will show how many users are interested in this or that idea. It will help to choose only high-quality products. Investors will get an invitation to the special club with exclusive big discounts and sales for the majority of crowd sales from crowdfunding platform. Top-tier investors will be able to get a part of all tokens, released by every project.

Token Sale

Game Machine is running a Token Sale at the moment. There are just a few days left and everybody can join the token sale and become a happy token holder. There are also a few privileges of donating the exact amounts.  

Those who take part in the token sale with 1 eth will be able to get access to the crowdfunding platform with thorough analytics of each project with expectations of the audience rating. If you spend more than 3 eth, Game Machine offers exclusive token offers. By investing more than 10 eth you get the stake in all token of Game Machine.

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