Blockchain-Based Livecam Website CamX Announces Token Sale

The adult industry is mired with controversy, but that has not stopped the development of CamX which is set to solve the user problems in this industry.

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CamX is a cryptocurrency developed in Ukraine and is keen on remedying challenges experienced with live cams. Ordinarily, live cam websites are adult websites, which a customer visits to interact virtually with a model on screen. Live cams are susceptible to a fraudulent activity referred to as shave. This uncouth behaviour prompts the webmaster affiliates to move from one network to another just to be safe. Notably, webmasters are websites that help build traffic on live cam websites often by advertising the live cam websites.

Finding interesting models on these websites have been found to be a challenge for most of the customers. As a result, customers are forced to move from one website to another just to find the model they feel is interesting enough. Unfortunately, customers who not persistent enough end up abandoning the search which results in loses for the live cam owners. On the other hand, a customer who keep searching tend to be overly inconvenienced.

CamX will seek to finance through ICO  crowdfunding which is expected to run between 2nd November to 18th of November. Considering that there are multiple platforms through which the ICO can be launched, it is important to note that the CamX tokens will be issued through the Waves Platform. Once the Crowdsale is complete, the CamX tokens will be listed on exchanges such as Bitfinex to allow for trading.

The objective of CamX is to establish blockchain based interconnected platforms that are both transparent and reliable. The platforms will be focused on ensuring that the customers have prompt access to their favourite models without the need to move from one site to another. Additionally, the sites will be created in such a way that they will provide a favourable working environment for the models.