Bitwage Unveils API and New Credit and Debit Card Payment Options

Bitcoin payroll company Bitwage, has announced today the launch of their new API, as well as new credit and debit card services.

The API allows companies to easily integrate Bitwage services into their own environments. In today’s blog post, President of Bitwage Jonathan Chester, stated that he is confident in the security and functionality of the newly-released programming interface, “Our API has been tested by various partners and hackathons, including the blockchain university halloween hackathon.”, said Chester.

According to Chester’s post, Hubstaff, a time tracking and team management platform used by over 8000 teams across the globe, is already making use of the new Bitwage API.

“With the new Hubstaff and Bitwage integration, managers and payroll administrators can set up automatic employee payments using their credit/debit cards.”

Bitwage has been trying to capitalize on today’s globally-distributed workforce by providing payroll services that are much more cost and time efficient than traditional bank wires, “After speaking with many of our customers, we realized that customers want to be able to build credit and credit card benefits while paying their international workforces.” writes Chester.

The latest credit/debit card offering from Bitwage gives employers another route to disburse payments to their employees. Bitwage charges a 3.5% fee, and an additional $0.30 flat fee, for all credit card transactions. Hubstaff employers that use the new Bitwage credit card payment option are limited to sending a maximum of $500 per week to each employee.

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