[UPDATED]BitStarz Refuses To Pay Out Player’s Bitcoin Earnings And Demands Credit Card Scans


UPDATE: The matter between Bitstarz and the bettor have been resolvd succesfully. All earnings were paid out accordingly after the winner submitted a valid ID.

Bitcoin users are often attracted to online gambling platforms. The same can be said for casino operators who see the benefit of dealing with cryptocurrency. BitStarz, one of the most respected casinos out there, may have a PR nightmare on their hands. The company refuses to pay out one of their loyal customers, and his5 Bitcoin are stuck in limbo for the time being.

BitStarz Is Dropping The Ball All Of A Sudden

It is rather strange to see such a prominent Bitcoin casino get negative attention. One Reddit user shared how he attempted to withdraw 0.9 Bitcoin from his account. While the system marked it as processed, there was never a blockchain transaction, to begin with. Nor was the funds credited to the wallet. An issue with the payment provider was causing this delay, which can always happen.

Although that matter got resolved quickly, a bigger problem ensued shortly after. After winning 5 Bitcoin the next day, the user could not withdraw his balance. Apparently, BitStarz needed additional verification all of a sudden. Even though the company already has his bank account statement and utility bill scan, they demanded a credit card proof. A very strange demand all of a sudden, to say the least.

For the time being, BitStarz refuses to pay out the user until they obtain the required documentation. The user claims he hasn’t used a credit card in nearly one year to make a deposit. It is not the first time BitStarz gets negative feedback from Bitcoin users, though, as they seem to be eager to find “arbitrary reasons” to avoid paying out winnings.

The company posted a reply on Reddit, which is creating even more bad blood:

“I’m working for BitStarz, so I just wanted to clear this up real quick. If you’re making deposits with a card, all casinos have an obligation to ask for a copy of the card used, it doesn’t matter if it was used a year ago or used yesterday. This is nothing unique for us, but a requirement from our casino license issuer, which a legit casino has. Again, we’re not making this up just to make things difficult for you.”

While the company claims they need to verify the card information before a user can make a withdrawal, he has successfully done so in the past without problems. It is only now that he has won a lot of money the company is using shady tactics. A very strange coincidence according to some, although most people are convinced Bitstarz is turning into a scam.

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