BitPay’s E-Commerce Plugins Now Support Bitcoin Cash Payments

Allowing more companies and retailers to accept cryptocurrency payments will not be easy. In fact, it has been rather problematic over the past few years. Payment processors such as BitPay aim to contribute in this regard by releasing convenient plugins for WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and others. These plugins have now received an update which allows users to accept Bitcoin Cash as well.

BitPay Enables Bitcoin Cash Support

It is always good to see plugins for popular e-commerce solutions gain more functionality. BitPay has plugins for popular solutions such as WooCommerce, WHMCS, and PrestaShop. All three options are quite popular among users who set up an online shop linked to a website. Until now, these plugins only allowed users to accept Bitcoin payments, but that situation has now come to change. It is an interesting development which will be beneficial to the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

More specifically, all plugins for these e-commerce solutions now let store owners accept Bitcoin Cash payments as well. It is a rather surprising turn of events, even though no one can deny there is genuine interest in Bitcoin Cash right now. On paper, it appears to be the superior version of Bitcoin as we know it today. Bitcoin Cash boasts lower fees as well as faster and more reliable transaction times than the main Bitcoin chain.

Whether or not any users of these BitPay plugins will decide to accept Bitcoin Cash is a different matter altogether. After all, users must enable this option manually, and there is no guarantee anyone will ever do so. With so many people cooling on Bitcoin payments, it’s somewhat doubtful they will explore alternative options right now. Then again, it never hurts to give users more options when it comes to cryptocurrency payments.

It is quite interesting to see the world’s leading crypto payment processor focus its efforts on both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. In the past, it would have been unthinkable to see an entity on the level of BitPay embrace an altcoin. At the same time, Bitcoin Cash is a lot closer to improving the Bitcoin we know today compared to other alternative currencies. One could argue they are both different sides of the same medallion, although that will always remain a very touchy subject.

A few weeks ago, BitPay announced that it was more than willing to process payments across multiple blockchains. At that time, it became evident this pertained to Bitcoin Cash, although it is unclear how things will play out with other cryptocurrencies. Crypto is about a lot more than just Bitcoin, and there are a fair few coins which are more suited as currencies right now. Bitcoin has taken somewhat of a backseat in this regard, although things are always subject to change.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for cryptocurrencies in the e-commerce industry. Accepting Bitcoin itself seems an unfavorable approach right now, although things will improve once Bitcoin’s scaling technology is in place. For now, it is only normal that companies such as BitPay wish to keep all of its options open, including dealing with so-called altcoins. Support for Bitcoin Cash is a big step in the right direction when looking at the bigger picture.