Bitcoin VPS Service Review – 2Sync

The name 2Sync may sound like a new boy band, but it is, in fact, a Bitcoin-accepting VPS provider. With VPS hosting available in a lot of different and rather unusual places, the company is trying to position themselves in this competitive industry. Other services include shared hosting, domain names, and dedicated servers.

2Sync Is A Rather Unique VPS Provider

When it comes to offering virtual private servers, there is very little that companies can do to stand out from the rest. Competitive pricing and different enabling features are one way to go, but 2Sync is doing things a bit differently. Their VPS servers are located in some of the world’s most unusual countries when it comes to virtual private servers.

To be more precise, the company offers virtual private servers in countries such as Korea, Serbia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Lithuania. None of these countries is being explored by most other VPS providers, which is not entirely surprising. Some of these countries do not value privacy, and the government keeps a close eye on any internet activity taking place.

On the price front, it is clear that 2Sync is not the cheapest company out there. Plans start at US$25 per month and go all the way to US$70 per month. All plans come with VMWare support and full root access. It is unclear if the company supports P2P and torrent protocols, but that does not seem to be the case.

But there is more intriguing news, as 2Sync offers shared hosting in regions such as Panama, South Korea, and Ukraine–not necessarily the locations most people think of when it comes to hosting a website, but interesting nonetheless. They also resell Panama hosting services with different plans ranging from US$4.99 to US$14.99 per month.

On the dedicated server front, 2Sync is located in all of the previously mentioned regions as well as The Netherlands. Prices depend on what users are looking for and start at US$30 per month. All plans can be customized as users see fit, and their most expensive dedicated server costs US$65 per month at the core level. The company guarantees this price for the lifetime of the contract, which is quite unusual.

All things considered, it appears 2Sync is doing a mighty fine job. Their selection of VPS locations is rather unique, but there will always be a market. Most of their customers are extremely satisfied with the service, which gives the company a solid reputation so far. 

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