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QHoster is one of the many companies providing VPS services in exchange for Bitcoin and other payment methods. This company has been around for quite some time, but the question is how they want to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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QHoster Has A Large Offering

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When people think of buying a VPS, most users will prefer a Linux operating system. That is not all that surprising, as there are very few VPS companies providing a Windows installation as well, but QHoster is on that short list. But that is not all, as the company also offers managed cPanel VPS, providing a little bit of everything.

On the Linux side of things, QHoster is offering a variety of distributions to choose from. CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu are all available when placing an order, and all users will receive full root access. Additionally, the company offers both OpenVZ and XEN servers to their customers ranging from US$14.95 to US$79.95 per month.

Windows users can choose from between Windows 7 or Windows Server 2003/2008 for their installation. All of these servers are RDP servers, and will take roughly 2 minutes to be set up. Prices in this category range in the same category as the Linux servers, and come with full administrator access out of the box.

Last but not least, there are the cPanel VPS offerings, which can run Apache, PHP, mySQL, Perl, and so much more. These servers take one minute to set up, which is quite fast, and cost anywhere from US$39.95 to US$114.95 per month. It is worth noting all of these offerings come with DDoS protection at no extra cost, which is a nice addition.

A VPS provider such as QHoster wouldn’t be quite appealing unless they offered servers all over the world. The company is checking the right boxes here, as their server are spread out across the world. A total of 13 locations are supported, including the US, Italy, Lithuania, Singapore, and Switzerland, to name a few countries.

Bitcoin is one of the many supported payment methods at QHoster, which is great news for digital currency enthusiasts. Moreover, the company has its very own affiliate program, which lets users earn 20% commission for every sale. Payouts will occur once users reach a balance of US$100 or more, and this balance can also be used as site credit.

Unfortunately, QHoster is not getting the best of reviews, depending on whom you ask the question to. One of the more recent reviews mentions how reaching customer support can be a major hassle. Additionally, some users are not all that satisfied with the service provided, although it all comes down to how people use the server.

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