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Cinfu is another VPS provider accepting Bitcoin payments for quite some time, and their servers are located in various countries around the world. Other than VPS services, this company also sells hosting, dedicated servers, domains, and SSL services. But what we want to know is how their VPS services shape up, and whether or not this company is legitimate.

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Cinfu Aims To Distribute VPS Servers

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Unlike some of the other Bitcoin VPS service providers, Cinfu is hosting their servers in four different countries. Not only are there options in the US and Germany, but users can also choose for France or The Netherlands. Having plenty of choices is always beneficial to consumers, and it is good to see some companies looking beyond the two most common countries.

One potential downside to the services offered by Cinfu is how they only offer one type of VPS service, in the form of unmanaged OpenVZ access. There is no KVM service to choose from with this provider, although their OpenVZ offerings pack quite the punch for a very sharp price every month.

Speaking of which, the Cinfu OpenVZ VPS servers range from 40GB to 250GB in disk space and US$3.42 to US$30.04 in price per month. All in all, these prices are very competitive, and some of the cheapest on the market. New Cinfu users will get a 50% discount on their VPS server order as well, by using a particular discount code on the website.

Although it was difficult to find some concise reviews of this service, one Bitcointalk user posted a negative feedback for Cinfu back in 2013. However, that review had little to do with the VPS service and was related to a hosting and domain issue. Keeping in mind how this company has been around since 2011, the lack of reviews is not instilling a lot of faith.

Website: Cinfu

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