Bitcoin Service Provider Review – All4BTC

Many people do not see the value of Bitcoin since they are unsure on how to spend it. Most online and physical stores still do not accept Bitcoin payments directly. Solving that problem is only a matter of time. Until that changes, alternative solutions need to be found. All4BTC provides this service, but are they worth using?

An Overview of All4BTC and Its Current Issues

All4BTC quickly became a very popular service since it launched in 2013. In fact, we have used it on multiple occasions in the past to order items from Amazon and pay with Bitcoin. Granted, there is a small service fee to use this service. At that time, it was well worth giving it a shot. After all, Amazon does not accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies directly. Using an intermediary service is an absolute must, for the time being.

All4BTC is not limited to just Amazon. It can be used for virtually any online retailer, as long as they can physically ship items to your delivery address. Many people used the platform to buy items from Chinese webshops as well. All it takes is for users to post the link to the item they are looking to purchase and enter the shipping details.

All4BTC is a service based out of Berlin, Germany. So far, the company handled over 1 million Euro worth of orders. There is also a Chrome extension to make using the service even easier. In fact, anyone can purchase whatever they want from the internet, as long as it does not involve subscriptions or darknet-based products. A line has to drawn somewhere, after all.

Back when we used All4BTC’s services, orders were often placed on our behalf in two to three days. That is still somewhat slow, but it understandable when using a third-party service provider at such an early stage. It looks as if things have gotten slightly worse ever since that time, though. In fact, a lot of people are voicing their complaints about the service.

One user is complaining about how they discovered various bugs on the websites. Clicking specific links on the site results in unusual 404 errors. The social media link does not work either, and there is no customer support email address. To make matters even worse, orders are still showing as waiting for confirmations despite Bitcoin transfers getting confirmed days prior. While most of these issues can be fixed easily, the delay of orders getting placed may not be so easy to fix.

Things are only growing progressively worse for All4BTC right now. Multiple users have confirmed they paid for orders, yet they have not been placed nor have they been delivered. It is possible this platform has turned into a scam or is dealing with major issues. The lack of responses from team members is worrisome, and they have not replied to any inquiries for nearly two months now. Their representative, called Dylan, is also no longer responding to emails. We will keep an eye on this situation and update the article accordingly.