Purse.io vs All4BTC

There is an obvious correlation between bitcoin and Amazon, even though using the two together is not as straightforward as one might think. It is still not possible to use bitcoin directly on Amazon, yet there are some alternative solutions to do so. All4BTC and Purse allow cryptocurrency users to do exactly that, although they go about it in different ways.

2. Purse.io

Most bitcoin users are all too familiar with the concept provided by Purse.io. Users can shop the Amazon platform for anything they want, and enjoy a significant discount while using bitcoin. In most cases, readers are subject to a 15% discount or more, which is quite an incentive to use bitcoin for Amazon shopping purposes. Right now, there is no other viable way to save a lot of money on Amazon and use bitcoin at the same time.

A lot of people are puzzled when it comes to how Purse achieves this discount. The concept of Purse is quite intriguing in this regard. Users who hold bitcoin can create an Amazon wish list and select the items they are looking to purchase with bitcoin. They can also set their own discount percentage, although any amount between 10 and 15% has a good chance of being picked up quickly. Users who have an Amazon gift card balance will purchase the order on behalf of the bitcoin owner in exchange for the specified bitcoin amount.

Once the user receives the order as expected, the bitcoins are then released to the person responsible for purchasing the item. This allows bitcoin users to set their own discount, which ultimately results in a “premium” to be paid for people looking to acquire bitcoin.  Purse also provides a “Buy now” feature which results in a 5% discount on Amazon orders shipped to a US address which includes Prime shipping.

1. All4BTC

International users who want to buy things from Amazon with bitcoin will have to look for alternative solutions, even though Purse is working on an international expansion. All4BTC is a more than a worthy alternative for international Amazon users, although there are quite some differences between the two services.  The biggest difference is how All4BTC does not offer any discount whatsoever, but merely acts as a convenient third-party service provider.

There is nothing wrong with that, though, as All4BTC provides an excellent service to its customers. It is possible to buy things from Amazon – or any other site in the world – with bitcoin. The only requirement is how the seller or vendor will need to ship to your address directly. All4BTC will place and pay the order on behalf of the user, for which they will be compensated in Bitcoin, including a small surcharge. It is good to have such a service extend beyond Amazon, that much is certain.

All4BTC is an excellent service for people who do not own – or wish to own – a bitcoin debit card. Such cards allow anyone to spend bitcoin whether they want in an online or offline environment. However, these cards are subject to limitations and sometimes even fees, which make them less attractive to some users. One can never have enough alternative ways to spend bitcoin for everyday goods, and All4BTC certainly has its place in the bitcoin community.

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