Bitcoin Overtakes Yuan On Google Trends

Google search trends provide an interesting insight as to what people are searching for at certain periods in time. As far as money goes, traditional fiat currencies have always dominated the Google searches, but it looks like that situation is about to change. According to the most recent statistics, “Bitcoin” is Googled more often than “Yuan”, and “yen” could be overtaken soon as well.

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People Like To Google “Bitcoin” For Some ReasonTheMerkle_Google Trends

In the period between the year 2004 and this very day, Google searches have picked up in spectacular fashion. After all, if people ask a question, one of the most common answers is: “Did you Google it?”. Regardless of how we want to look at things, Google has become synonymous with our society.

This is one of the many reasons why looking up Google search trends can be quite fun and insightful. As far as the monetary aspect of our society goes, fiat currencies such as Dollar, Yen, Pound, and Yuan, are some of the more common searches on Google and other engines. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has never been overly popular.

Until now, that is, as it turns out people are Googling “Bitcoin” more often than “Yuan”. That may come as a surprise to some people as the recent devaluation of the yuan should have spurred quite a frenzy on the search engines. Whenever events like these occur, people will want to know what is happening.

Despite all of that, the number of “yuan” searches on Google has been as low as it has been ever since 2004. Even devaluations of one of the world’s leading fiat currencies is not warranting any interest from people; Whether nor this is because people are fed up with fiat currencies, or because they simply can’t be bothered to Google it, is up for debate.

Google searches for “Bitcoin”, on the other hand, have been steadily increasing over the past few years. At the time of publication “Bitcoin” was Googled more often than “Yuan”, which shows how interested people are in the popular digital currency. However, the number of Bitcoin searches is still far away from the amount of times people Google “pound” or “dollar”.

On the other hand, there is another bit of positive news to this story, as “Bitcoin” will soon overtake “Yen” in the number of Google searches as well. According to the current statistics, that should anywhere within the next six months. Whether or not this will have any effect on the Bitcoin price, or not, remains to be seen, though.

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