Bitcoin has Thousands of Active Code Contributors Today

The popularity of cryptocurrency projects can often be gauged by looking at developer activity In the case of Bitcoin, interesting statistics have come to light. 

As more and more people take note of Bitcoin, the number of developers rises.

The Development of Bitcoin is in Very Good Hands

Current statistics are rather spectacular in this regard.

Over 2,800 people are contributing – or have contributed to-  the development of Bitcoin today.

In terms of developers, this is as decentralized as it can possibly get.

It is not abnormal to see Bitcoin be of such great interest to a lot of coders.

It is the world’s leading cryptocurrency and has the most potential of effectively disrupting society. 

One also has to keep in mind that tracking GitHub activity is very complex.

There are multiple repositories associated with Bitcoin that aren’t even included in this particular report.

It is safe to say that the development of this currency is in a very good place today.

With so many eyeballs and brains working together, the future looks very bright.

Now that Bitcoin has been around for over 11 years, it is time to take it to the next level.

Mas adoption of cryptocurrencies is still not within reach, and may not necessarily become a thing in the next few years either.