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The Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) communities have been at each other’s necks since August 2017 when Bitcoin Cash forked from Bitcoin. However, in a new twist to the ever-heated feud, a group of Bitcoin proponents is accusing – and by extension, Roger Ver – of using the site to mislead and defraud users into buying Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin. The group, which claims to be composed of influential industry leaders as well as community volunteers, has expressed its rage for what they describe as Ver’s deliberate efforts to trick users into buying BCH instead of BTC, leading to loss of funds.

Lawsuit To Be Filed

The group is determined to bring’s alleged deceptive practices to a halt, and the founders have promised to file a lawsuit against the site. In order to bring together aggrieved claimants, the group has created a website,, that promises legal help to any claimant who comes forward to share his or her experience.

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The website will begin collecting bitcoin donations soon in order to finance the legal fees associated with the lawsuit. Among the group’s leaders is Ragnar Lifthrasir, the founder of a blockchain real estate advocacy group, IBREA. Lifthrasir has called on anyone who has “suffered ANY financial loss due to dishonest or misleading actions by Roger Ver, from ANY website, wallet, ICO, or other crypto activity” to report their claims on the website. He has further urged all those aggrieved by Ver’s actions to report the wallet to the iOS app store for fraud. According to yet another leader of the group, they have already approached a top legal firm and are waiting to hear from the firm in regards to representation. The group has also formed a Telegram channel which was closing in on 1,000 participants at press time.

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Water And Oil

The Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash communities have always been mutually hostile, with the BTC community accusing the BCH community of attempting to ‘steal’ their brand. Having forked from BTC in August 2017, BCH has amassed quite a huge following and is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Some BCH proponents have, however, controversially referred to BCH as Bitcoin, the most notorious being Roger Ver. This has sparked outrage from the BTC community, with the most recent incident being a Twitter exchange between Roger and ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhes. Voorhes came out to distance himself from Ver’s insinuation that he was a supporter of BCH, clarifying that while he has no hatred towards BCH, it is wrong to refer to it as Bitcoin, and that he has never expressed any support for BCH.

Just a few days ago, was removed as a relevant reference site on Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page. The delisting is most likely a result of the rising controversy the site has generated between the two factions. With being among the most visited crypto-related websites, any information it publishes has a significant effect on the crypto community.

Will the feud between these two factions come to an end anytime soon? It’s quite unlikely.


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