Reports Impressive Growth in Its Bitcoin Wallet As It Surpasses 1 Million Downloads in Just 5 Months

Possibly one of the most well-known organizations in the Bitcoin sphere,, has recently began providing its own wallets for users to store their Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in. So far, this venture seems to have worked out spectacularly for them as they have reportedly surpassed a million downloads in just a few months.

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This is no doubt an impressive feat in such a short amount of time as the software only became available for download in August 2017. Since then, the wallet’s user base has exploded with the help of’s brand recognition and a perfect storm of sorts occurring as Bitcoin has seen a lot of new money flow into it since August.

Chief Operating Officer of, Mate Tokay, was encouraged by the wallet’s success, saying that it seems to show off the growth of cryptocurrency in general and how more people are becoming interested in it by the day.

“A million wallets downloaded in just a few months is incredible.You can really see how cryptocurrency is growing more popular every day with metrics like these… Digital assets are here to stay, and wants to help people understand cryptocurrencies, and use them in their everyday lives — The Wallet is meant to bolster that vision.”

Challenges Along the Way, But Future Still Bright

Despite this positive momentum, not everything has gone according to plan for’s new wallet. In November, accusations began to spring up among users and media outlets alike that was deceiving its users. This is because the software created a Bitcoin Cash wallet by default while being marketed as a normal Bitcoin wallet.

Even though the site allows people to create both BCH and BTC wallets, people were concerned that newcomers would be confused by this fact and could potentially lose their Bitcoin holdings by accidentally sending their BTC to a BCH wallet where they could be lost forever.

However, considering that both BTC and BCH wallets options are available it could be argued that it is, in fact, a bitcoin wallet where people can store the two biggest cryptos with the Bitcoin name. Additionally, it does complicate matters when there is technically an ideological battle of sorts going on between these two currencies for the Bitcoin brand and the right to claim itself as the “one true Bitcoin.”

Future-Proofing wallet’s success is showing people that both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash continue to be very popular cryptos, with a high investor demand for both of them proving that there’s plenty of room currently available for them to coexist side-by-side.

In addition to wallet’s download volume, Coinbase has also had amazing success the last few months — arguably more so than even has seen in the same time period. Indeed, Coinbase’s mobile app became the most downloaded app in the United States at one point — outperforming the likes of YouTube, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

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