BitAccess Cash Enables Remote Mobile Bitcoin Cashout Through BTM Network

Converting Bitcoin to fiat currency in a quick and convenient way is not something that is available to consumers all over the world. Especially those people who do not want to deal with Bitcoin exchanges, or even local markets such as LocalBitcoins, it can be difficult to convert digital currency to cash. BitAccess has launched a new solution that makes it easy to exchange Bitcoin for cash through their BTMs.

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BitAccess Cash Beans Bitcoin to BTMs

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A lot of people will know the BitAccess name as they manufacturer Bitcoin ATMs, also known as BTNS [Bitcoin Teller Machines]. While these devices present an interesting way to convert cash to Bitcoin, not all BTMs in existence offer a two-way feature to convert Bitcoin to cash as well.

BitAccess wants to change that, as they know the struggle of exchanging Bitcoin to cash all too well. Their new feature, called BitAccess Cash, lets users send Bitcoin to one of the company’s BTMs around the world, and cash out the funds the very same day. This concept puts a whole new spin on converting BTC to fiat, and can prove to be a major competitor for Bitcoin exchanges.

All it takes is sending a specific amount of Bitcoin to the BitAccess BTM near you. Sending funds can be done by either a computer or mobile device, by accessing the BitAccess Cash website. Not every country will be hosting one of the 69 BitAccess BTMs deployed right now, but the site will display the one nearest by regardless. For example, for me, the closest BTM is the one located in Antwerp.

It is important to keep in mind how the BitAccess Cash feature will not allow users to bypass verification procedures put in place by the BTM operator. Mobile verification is a standard form of verification these days, and a text message will be sent to the mobile phone number provided.

During the BitAccess Cash process, the user will be able to send funds to a dedicated Bitcoin wallet address. As soon as the funds are confirmed on the network – which usually takes minutes – the user will be notified via SMS, and funds can be picked up immediately. All in all, a very convenient which Bitcoin users will thoroughly enjoy.

BitAccess is the first manufacturer of BTMs to offer such a mobile cashout service. Most BTMs can accept Bitcoin transfers when the user is close to the device itself, but it can be quite a hassle to wait for transaction confirmations. BitAccess Cash removes this friction; and brings something entirely new to the Bitcoin world.

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