Avalanche AVAX Holders Put 100X Altcoin Tradecurve TCRV On Their Radars

Avalanche is predicted to become a top performing cryptocurrency in Q3. The project has announced a number of partnerships in 2023, and although Avalanche’s value has recently dipped, the project has quickly bounced back. 

While Avalanche holders are looking to double down on their holdings, an exciting new altcoin is also on their radars. Having already increased in value by 80%, Tradecurve is expected to rise in price by 50x during its presale, providing huge returns for early investors.


Avalanche Value Begins To Rally 

Avalanche suffered a significant hit following the recent SEC announcement, decreasing in value from $14 to almost $10 overnight. However, the project is now recovering and is trading at $12.83, with many experts predicting that Avalanche could hit $15 in July.

Avalanche has quickly recovered due to several factors, though the most influential has been a number of new partnerships and integrations built over the past few months. For example, Avalanche recently integrated Loco Legends, a rapidly growing eSports streaming platform based in India.

In addition, Avalanche is also diversifying into the real-world business market. Developers recently announced an integration with SK Planet, a subsidiary of SK Telecom, one of the largest telecom companies in South Korea.

This integration will involve the launching of an Avalanche subnet known as UPTN. UPTN is designed to be integrated with SK Telecom’s customer-facing products, including OK Cashbag and an online cashback platform.

Another development that has caught the eyes of holders is a recent partnership between Avalanche and Amazon Web Services, which will simplify subnet deployment and help rapidly expand Avalanche’s use cases.

With more development plans in place, Avalanche is expected to increase further going into Q3. By the end of the year, some experts predict that Avalanche could increase to $20, though given the recent market turbulence, not all investors are convinced.

Tradecurve Stage 4 Presale Is Already 40% Sold Out

Tradecurve is currently on the radar of many Avalanche holders after its native token (TCRV) surged in price by 80% over the past month. As a decentralized alternative to some of the world’s largest trading platforms, Tradecurve is in a great position to gain significant market share and has already raised over $2.8 million during its presale.

Tradecurve is an exciting new project for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a decentralized trading platform that offers traditional assets. While some centralized platforms offer this service, individuals using them are required to pass intrusive KYC checks.

Since centralized platforms are undergoing lawsuits from the SEC, decentralized options are growing in popularity, putting Tradecurve in a very strong position.

Furthermore, Tradecurve offers several educational tools for traders. Its ecosystem will include subscriptions for AI and copy trading, as well as a metaverse trading academy for individuals new to trading.

The platform will offer leverage of 500:1, fast transactions, and external wallet integration, allowing individuals to trade assets without revealing their identity. Such features are expected to significantly disrupt the exchange market, and thus experts believe that Tradecurve could see price increases of 50x during its presale.

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