Artificial Intelligence can be Helpful to Find a Coronavirus Cure

The use of innovative technologies can put an earlier end to the coronavirus crisis. Several companies are tapping artificial intelligence to achieve this goal, as it may help determine which types of drugs can treat COVID-19.

It has been a very big challenge to address the coronavirus crisis.

Time for Artificial Intelligence to Shine

Despite numerous lockdown measures in place, the global number of victims and deaths continues to rise.

There is seemingly no real solution to this situation as of yet.

However, several technology firms think that artificial intelligence can help change the narrative.

At least five companies are currently exploring this particular option since March of 2020.

By using AI, it becomes somewhat easier to determine what type of drugs will have a positive impact on COVID-19. 

Finding a cure or vaccine for this virus remains one of the biggest challenges to overcome.

Drug development for a specific virus can take at least a decade, in some cases.

When it comes tot he coronavirus, such a timeline isn’t possible, as it will kill off a portion of the global population if that timeline has to be respected. 

Nearly a full month later, it remains to be seen how useful artificial intelligence is as far as this research is concerned.