ARK Grants Creates 1,000,000 ARK Fund to Fuel App Development

Having the ability to allow different blockchains to interact and operate, ARK is an ecosystem that unites all blockchains into one, megastructure. To promote the development of ARK based applications, the platform has announced ARK Grant, a fund that gives developers access to a pool of 1,000,000 ARK tokens in seed money to start their work.

Who Can Apply

Virtually any blockchain developer, either an individual or team, is eligible for the grant. However, there are specific development areas that the fund is available for:

  • Desktop Wallet Plugins: Enhancing the user experience for the ARK Desktop Wallet, the plugins must be practical and must be compatible to be installed and run through the ARK Desktop Wallet Plugin Manager.
  • Ready to Deploy Solutions: Fully integrated blockchain solutions that leverage the ARK ecosystem through its open, public network or its interoperable service, the bridgechain can also seek funding for their development.
  • Conceptual Applications with Practical Future: Proof of concept applications can also seek the ARK Grant, provided that the developers can demonstrate that the application, or its future iteration, can enable people to leverage the use of ARK network.
  • Game Changer Project: Developers who believe that they have an idea that can fundamentally change the way currently a process or service is used, which can be deployed using the ARK ecosystem are still welcomed.

How to Apply

Developers who believe they have what it takes to secure an ARK Grant can apply by submitting four types of information:

  • Developer Information: A standard application is required to be submitted by interested developers. The template is available here. The application should contain complete details such as name, contact addresses, email, phone number etc.
  • Project Description: A brief description of the proposed project, with a couple of paragraphs detailing the outcome of the project and benefit it will have for ARK and other developers.
  • Architecture: How the app will be developed, including the framework, language used and its functionality.
  • Milestones: The project will be viewed in steps as it develops along. Each milestone should contain significant development or achievement. Funds of the ARK Grant will be released in accordance with the milestones.

Best Practices

To ensure that projects are in line with the ARK mission, the platform has suggested guidelines in the form of best practices:

  • Preferred language should be Typescript. A sound justification should be made if not possible.
  • Mobile development should be through either Angular or Ionic.
  • ARK Smart Transactions interface should be utilized in conjunction with Core plugins.
  • Use of NodeJS, VueJS,Laravel, Electron and TailwindCSS are highly encouraged.
  • The existing SmartBridge system should be avoided and custom-designed bridgechains should be preferred.

Need more ARK Tokens?

ARK gives ample opportunities for developers and non-developers to earn tokens through a number of different schemes, such as:

  • Bounty Rewards: Find a vulnerability and report to to claim rewards.
  • Delegate Node: Based on Delegated Proof of Stake, anyone can launch a node and campaign for votes to be allowed to become a delegated node and forge ARK tokens. Join the Slack community to know more.
  • Contests: One does not need to be a developer to earn ARK. Follow ARK on social media to know about upcoming games and competitions. Win ARK.
  • Community Fund: Created by the growing community of ARK users, anyone with a proposal, from development to content creation, can propose and get funding for it.

Propose practical ARK applications and get funded by submitting proposals to