Arbitrage Trading Made Easy With Hivereck Trading Bot

In the world of crypto trading, timing and exposure are everything. Broader access to information, quicker links to trading markets and faster execution of trades are key factors. The volatility of cryptocurrencies, their markets and round the clock open trading means that a trader has to be on his or her toes at all times.

Bots: Helping Traders

Automatic trading programs and algorithms, commonly known as trading bots, or just bots in the trading industry, are pieces of software that are designed to help traders in selection and execution of orders. Quick, fast and automated, these bots are increasingly being used by traders to gain that edge.

With speed and efficiency that humans cannot match, bots are becoming increasingly widespread in their role as arbitrage trading gains momentum. Currently, these bots are cumbersome, complex and require intimate knowledge of their workings. This has created issues for traders who are novices or are not so technologically adept, effectively creating a barrier of entry into arbitrage trading.

Hivereck: Simplicity and Power in Trading

London-based Hivereck has developed a trading bot that opens the gates for all kinds of traders. The simplistic nature, combined with advanced trading features means that now any trader can compete with the most resourceful ones.

The Hivereck trading bot uses a simple technique to give traders an advantage. It studies different trading orders in several exchanges, utilizing different trading pairs at the same time. This results in the bot to identify which trade would yield the most profitable returns. With quick easy steps, the bot is the most user-friendly in the crypto trading industry at the moment:

  • Sign up and verify account.
  • Select profit to be given in USD or BTC.
  • Deposit USD or crypto in wallet.
  • Start trading.

Hivereck accepts deposits in BTC, LTC, ETH, QTUM, USD and more. By placing trading orders, users can take advantage of Hivereck’s ability to connect with 1,500 markets across 75 crypto exchanges. A highly reactive and round the clock trading means that with the same trading pairs, there can be a difference of as high as 15% in price across different exchanges. Hivereck trading bot leverages its connectivity to the exchanges and executes a trade on the exchange with the maximum profitability. Users can earn profits of 2% to 7% through this.

Hivereck’s option to distribute the profit in USD or BTC is another advantage. Profits are handed out after 24 hours of a trade. With fluctuating value, the profit in BTC can be less than what was achieved. Users have the option to receive their profits in USD, countering that volatility.

Hivereck bot is the ultimate in trading, with its vast access to different trading markets. The ability to find the difference in difference in exchange rates and capitalize on it makes Hivereck trading bot a tool every trader must have.

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