Anonymous Names Visa and MasterCard As Next Targets In War Against Bank Greed

People may remember how Anonymous announced they were going after the world’s largest banks. After executing a successful DDoS attack against the National Bank of Greece, they also targeted the Bangladesh Central Bank and Qatar National Bank. None of these institutions has the means necessary to deal with such an attack by the look of things.

Anonymous Is Still on A Warpath

TheMerkle_Anonymous DDoS

It is adamant for everyone to see Anonymous is making good on their promise to go after the financial institutions. The collective announced a reign of “30 days of cyber assaults against central banks” not too long ago. So far, they have been quite successful in their efforts, and three major banks have been breached.

It is worrying to see all three institutions being defenseless against these distributed denial of service attacks, though. If there is one thing every bank should be investing right now, it is cyber security. For most institutions, that does not seem to be a priority, allowing hackers to shut down their online services with relative ease.

Especially the central banks of the world are in significant trouble in this regard. Even though they have the money and resources to strengthen their cyber defenses, they refuse to do so. The Bangladesh Central Bank should know better by now, considering their involvement in the recent Swift debacle. The Swift network was used to execute the theft after the Bank of Bangladesh’s environment was breached. 

It is worth noting Anonymous is far from done, though. The collective has announced the attacks against central banks will continue. Moreover, they added some new targets, including Visa, MasterCard, and the London Stock Exchange. When these attacks may take place, is anybody’s guess at this time.

Bank customers should not worry too much about this ordeal, though, as Anonymous is not intent on stealing customer details at this stage. That being said, it is possible customers may be unable to use online and mobile banking tools if their bank suffers from a DDoS attack. But they can blame that on corporate greed, rather than Anonymous.

Source: Finextra

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