Anonymous Shuts Down Bank of Greece Website

As if the people in Greece did not have enough banking concerns to worry about just yet, hacktivist collective Anonymous has shut down the Bank of Greece website with a DDoS attack. Bitcoin users in the country will not be bothered by this situation, though.

Anonymous Shuts Down Bank of Greece Website

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Everyone in the world knows how Greece is going through a lot of financial turmoil right now, and there does seem to be any improvement in sight just yet. To make matters worse, the Bank of Greece website was shut down yesterday due to a DDoS attack executed by Anonymous. This attack is part of a protest against the global corruption in finance.

A DDoS attack is a very effective way to shut down websites and centralized platforms, which the financial world has more than plenty of. A lot of people have taken offense to the way banks and other financial players go about their day-to-day operations, and something has to change at some point. Whether or not shutting down these websites is the right way to go about things, is a topic for a different discussion.

However, this attack by Anonymous is another stark warning to the financial sector that people are revolting against the master-slave relationship banks have with consumers. The chain is being yanked by the banks at every given turn, and the customer will only take so much before they start to fight back. That is, unless banks are willing to change, which does not seem to be the case for the time being.

Unfortunately for customers of the Bank of Greece, the issues have not been resolved just yet, as the website remains accessible for most people. This DDoS attack by Anonymous also affects all other services, such as mobile and PC banking, which means users can not access their funds unless they stop by the local bank branches.

Bitcoin users in Greece, on the other hand, are not perturbed by this situation by any means. After all, they have taken the necessary steps to achieve financial freedom, and shutting down the Bitcoin protocol is impossible. It will take some time until the average consumer starts to realize banks are on their way out unless they want to evolve, and this Anonymous attack is a clear example of why relying on third-parties to access one’s own money is not a viable solution.

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