AMOR Brings Love To the Blockchain

When online dating first arrived to the internet it first seemed like a strange fit. Its perceived awkwardness would become a friendly sort of stock joke of popular culture and sitcoms. However, with the advent of social media sites like twitter and facebook, the idea of meeting someone online gained traction. Subscription based sites like grew and romance apps like Tinder gained way to public conversation.

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It has grown to the point that now online dating is a three billion dollar industry. This is a lucrative service industry that is due for growth, but it is not without its flaws. Successful online dating sites sell one thing that average dating sites and social media cannot sell and that’s credibility. Users don’t want to be connected to a chatbot or people who won’t even show up to the first date. Despite a user’s strong distaste for this, online dating sites still can’t ensure that other users aren’t abusing the app.

The team behind Amor wanted to essentialize their entire concept behind building a system that incentivizes credibility. Amor is a decentralized dating platform that utilizes the AMOR token on the Ethereum platform. The AMOR token hinges on the demand for credible actors in its network.

The system works in a friendly manner. A flat amount of AMOR tokens will be allotted to users beginning their profile so that they may use the site. The amount of AMOR a user has will determine their credibility, meaning for instance, honesty of profile description and punctuality of initial date. Awarded AMOR tokens may be spent to improve their position in the search queue or upgrade their site’s interface. In the end, the site will work as a market that decides to reward users that are credible and disincentivize users that are bad or insincere actors. All of this will be done on the part of the users. No one will be prone to censorship.

The team is looking for a beta release in February 2018, on a date near Valentine’s Day with a full release in July of 2018. Amor’s crowdsale has already started as of the second of this month. The AMOR token will sell for 1000 tokens per ETH, with bonuses for the first fourteen days of the crowdsale. The bonus will drop to five percent from the eighth date of the sale until the fourteenth.