Accurate Crypto Signals That Work In 2019

In the sea of many proclaimed crypto experts, “90% accurate“ traders, Twitter crypto-celebrities that post signals, etc. not many of them actually deliver any real value to their followers.

I was super lucky to be introduced to Blockchain Whispers by one of my colleagues. I thought: “oh, it is again one of many signaling channels on Telegram“, but later I discovered that it’s much more than just a source of accurate crypto signals – free and paid ones.

D Man, the leader of Blockchain Whispers is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller: Blockchain Decrypted for 2018. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and it is still one of my best crypto investments.

How Do I Know They Are Accurate?

I was introduced to Blockchain Whispers in September 2018. That was the time when their premium traders (Sicario, Hellfire, and The Circle) demonstrated 15 Bitmex premium signals for free. I didn’t catch the first couple calls but seeing the astonishing accuracy, I joined as soon as they published a new signal. I personally made over +60% profit in just 2 weeks.

Out of 15 shared signals in total, 13 ended up in profit, and 2 hit the stop loss, making +282.51% profit.

The signals and results are still all transparently shown on their bitmex-position-calculator page – with all given entries, stop loss prices, take profit prices, leverages, updates and total made profit for each signal, etc.

These were all just margin trades. Now you’re probably wondering: “Okay, they are doing good on margin trades, but what about altcoin signals?“

Blockchain Whispers Smashes Altcoins Too!

In March this year, Blockchain Whispers shared stats of Premium altcoin signals from February 11th to March 19th on their Telegram channel @blockchainwhispersbaby.

Out of 7 free altcoin calls, 4 ended up in profit, 3 are pending, and not one call hit the stop loss, making more than +90% profit in total.

Extra Opportunities And Insider Information

True insider information you can find even more rarely than the accurate signals. Do you know any group that has 100% accuracy in predicting next Coinbase listing? Well, I do. It is Mr.Y – the fundamental analyst from the Blockchain Whispers’ team.

The latest Insider Info that Blockchain Whispers shared with their free members were Binance listing Tezos (XTZ), and Coinbase adding Cardano (ADA). Wait and see how this plays out.

Most Notable Gains Last Year

Blockchain Whispers consistently deliver accuracy and up to 2,000% returns.






Pundi X 






This is still not it!

Blockchain Whispers, besides being the most accurate crypto signals provider that you will find on this planet, it also provides:

E.A.R. (Early Activity Radar) – the only real-time crypto news feed with the human-voting sentiment. Only there you can discover if the news is strong enough to shoot the price higher or push the price down.

You’ll find some Insider News on there, too! For example, around 85 days prior today, E.A.R spotted a potential Coinbase staking rumor and presented it to their loyal followers. That makes around 3 months!!! The family of Blockchain Whispers was privy to this way before those massive green candles popped up.

Shorts vs. Longs for Bitcoin – This tool shows you how many traders are short, and how many are long. You can find this metric on the D.A.R.T. page and on the bitmex-position-calculator page. It is refreshed every second, 24/7. It also shows you if there are too many longs, or too many shorts that it would make sense for the market maker to liquidate longs by making a big move down, or to liquidate shorts by making a big move upwards.

They are the first ones that applied the Bitfinex patch for 2019 and to my knowledge the only one showing accurate figure from Bitfinex.

D.A.R.T. (Dream Accuracy Reach Target) – It is the crypto signals championship of the World that brought in best of the most accurate crypto traders in the world, and you can (during the championship) follow their crypto signals there, completely free, and when the championship ends, the most accurate traders (winners) are reserved only for Blockchain Whispers Premium.

WIKI by Blockchain Whispers – Here you can see a crypto community that cares in action. These members love to help each other out, share their tips and tricks, advices and useful facts. You can check articles written by members to members in WIKI by Blockchain Whispers – page where anyone can contribute and write a crypto article of their choice.

This is truly one virtual family built on love with a lot of dedication, and whoever is not part of it, misses out big time!

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