6 Blockchain-based Digital ID Management Platforms to Keep an eye on

Blockchain technology can be used for many different purposes, including powering networks such as bitcoin. Digital identity management is an area plenty of startups and projects are looking into right now, though. We have looked at some of the companies and how they aim to use the blockchain to solve this problem. Some of these concepts seem more suitable than others, although every idea will find its market in the end.

6. uPort

uPort is a blockchain-based digital identity management solution built by the ConsensSys team. As one would expect, the company uses the Ethereum blockchain to provide this service. Additionally, the company leverages smart contracts and a mobile app to make the service appeal to the masses. User identities are stored in smart contracts, allowing users to recover their details if the mobile device is lost. This entire project is open source, and users can sign up for alpha access right now.

5. ShoCard

Quite a few cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be familiar with the ShoCard initiative already. The project is focusing heavily on mobile and security, while still providing a convenient digital ID management solution anyone can use. All identities are encrypted, hashed, and written to the blockchain. Any service provider can request temporary and private access to these identities, assuming the user agrees to share the information. Users continue to control their identities, whereas service providers can glimpse at the information and create their own set of records.

4. Netki

One of the more unique projects in the blockchain-based ID management sector goes by the name of Netki. Rather than just focusing on allowing financial service providers to meet compliance requirements on private and public blockchains, Netki also provides easy to remember names for cryptocurrency wallets. In a way, this project focuses on both user and wallet ID service, both of which can be managed across blockchains without friction.


It has to be said, HYPR is taking ID management to the next level. The company provides a biometric security suite across mobile, IoT, and desktop systems. Users can make use of voice, touch, eye, and facial recognition features. All authentication is decentralized and occurs over the bitcoin blockchain. Enterprises and consumers can leverage biometric security in a decentralized manner. It is not unlikely we will see more blockchain-oriented digital ID management companies focus on biometrics in the future.

2. BlockVerify

Blockchain technology can be used for many different purposes. BlockVerify plans to launch an anti-counterfeit tool based on this decentralized technology. This particular project can be applied to all kinds of products, ranging from electronics to pharmaceuticals and everything in between. This project has been in development for quite some time, and also allows manufacturers to track diverted goods, stolen merchandise, and fraudulent transactions. It is a different kind of ID management, but still a powerful one.

1. Bitnation

Everyone in the cryptocurrency sphere has heard of Bitnation, and that is only to be expected. The project is a governance 2.0 platform, powered by blockchain technology. Bitnation aims to provide government-like services to anyone in the world, by cutting out the intermediary altogether. Services are provided in a decentralized and voluntary manner, regardless of country borders. Additionally, the platform provides a blockchain-based passport and marriage certificate solutions.

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