5 Extra Novel Coronavirus Drive-Through Testing Centers are Coming to New York City

The novel coronavirus situation in New York City continues to escalate. Over 460 confirmed cases have been recorded, and at least seven people have died.

It is evident that the novel coronavirus is no joke by any means.\

New York City Remains a Coronavirus Hub

Many people dismissed it since the first reports came out of China.

Even today, ample people believe this is “just the flu”, albeit with a higher rate of infection.

In New York City, no one seems to think this is just the flu, as officials are genuinely concerned.

With over 460 confirmed cases and 7 deaths, the novel coronavirus has made a big impact so far. 

On a positive note, Mayor De Blasio confirmed five additional drive-through testing centers will become accessible in the days to come.

Where they will be located exactly has yet to be confirmed.

Visits to correctional facilities will remain suspended for the foreseeable futures.

Restaurants, bars, cafes, gyms, and other public spaces in New York City will remain suspended.

Even hospitals have to suspend elective surgeries for at least another three days.

It is best for everyone to stay indoors or on their own property as much as possible.

For now, it seems unlikely that any of these measures will be revoked.

The novel coronavirus has yet to peak in the US, after all.