4 Companies Providing Bitcoin Point-of-sale Terminal Payments to Store Owners

One of the primary questions retailers and merchants have is how they can accept bitcoin payments at their brick-and-mortar location. While there are plenty of applications out there that provide such functionality, some shop owners prefer to use a point-of-sale solution. There are quite a few bitcoin companies who provide these products, indicating there still a large market for Bitcoin POS terminals.

4. SumoATM

It has to be said, the SumoATM is not necessarily a point of sale terminal one should expect to see at most stores anytime soon. Then again, it acts as both a bitcoin ATM and point-of-sale terminal fit into one. Consumers will interface with the device while standing up straight and everything can be done through on-screen menus.

Quite a nifty device, even though it is by far the most expensive solution out there. The 2018 model of the SumoATM costs a whopping 5,600 euro. Then again, it is possible to allow for NFC payments, as that technology will be integrated into this new model once it is ready for production. Standard bitcoin payments through QR codes are also supported.

3. 34 Bytes

When 34 Bytes announced their bitcoin POS device, there was quite a buzz of excitement among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As of right now, the company is still conducting a beta testing program for merchants, who will receive the terminals at zero cost. It is a great way to get acquainted with bitcoin payments as a merchant at no additional cost. 34 Bytes have been running this program for a while, though, yet it is unclear when and if they will exit the beta program.

2. Coinify

Coinify is one of those bitcoin merchant service providers which focuses on both point-of-sale terminals and online payments. Their point of sale device lets anyone accept blockchain payments in person, regardless of how large or small their business may be. Merchants can also have multiple registered businesses in their account, assuming it is registered under the same company name.

1. Ingenico

The world of point of sale terminal payments was quite surprised to find out Ingenico enabled bitcoin payments in 2015. At that time, one of the world’s leading point of sale terminal manufacturers partnered with Bitpay to provide this functionality. Considering how thousands of retailers around the world use Ingenico payment terminals, this feature will certainly help put bitcoin on the map in the coming years.

When the press release was issued, it was mentioned how BitPay integrated the bitcoin payment option on an Ingenico ICT250. Ever since that time, there has been very little news regarding the bitcoin payment option as part of Ingenico payment terminals, although it appears, any merchant who owns this particular type of terminal still has access to the option without any problems. It is well worth checking out, since choosing this option does not require store owners to switch terminals, as the Ingenico terminal still accepts regular payments just fine.

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