Coinify partners up with iPayDNA to encourage blockchain payments in Asia

Not long ago, Coinify announced that they’re planning a push into the Asian market to further accommodate bitcoin adoption in the region, while also teaching the public more about the potential of blockchain technology.

According a recent blogpost, the blockchain currency payment service provider Coinify and the Hong Kong-based iPayDNA payment service firm, have joined a partnership, meant to bring advanced blockchain payments to the Asian Pacific region.

The PSP agreement will allow Coinify to push in their merchant processing solutions into the market, where they will receive substantial help from iPayDNA, which currently holds a leading position. In a recent press statement, Morten Bebe, the sales manager at Coinify mentioned that: “We are thrilled about teaming up with iPayDNA. Being a company native to the Asia-Pacific region, they have the best understanding of local merchants needs and at the same time being a company with an international mind-set, they perfectly match the qualities we look for in our business partners.”

Together with this, Guan Seow, the managing director of iPayDNA stated that they are open to embrace blockchain currencies as an alternative payments method, thanks to Coinify, which provides a safe platform for these.

The partnership between the two companies allows merchants to accept over 17 blockchain-based currencies from any countries, to both receive and send payments, directly into the bank accounts of the users.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about the partnership between Coinify and iPayDNA? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Source: Coinify