How Will Virtual Reality Affect Bitcoin And The Blockchain?

There is a lot of focus on the virtual reality space right now, although there is no direct correlation with digital currency just yet. Although most people might argue that seeing blockchain transactions in VR might be a more fun experience, it will be interesting to see how Bitcoin wallet solutions will look in a virtual reality setting.

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Bringing Digital Currency Virtual Reality

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Most people think of virtual reality as a way to enhance the user experience, by offering a 360-degree view or having the ability to create one’s own environment to work in. Even though this lends itself ideally to content consumption, such as watching a movie or even playing video games, it is not necessarily all that useful for digital currency wallets.

Moreover, there seems to be little use for the VR ecosystem as far as a Bitcoin wallet is concerned. After all, there is very little going on with the average wallet, as there are the incoming and outgoing transactions, as well as the balance. None of the features require virtual reality per se, although one never knows what developers might come up with.

Experiencing the blockchain in virtual reality, on the other hand, could be quite interesting, though. Considering how this technology broadcasts all transactions on the network in real-time, there is potential for a more immersive user experience by embracing the concept of virtual reality.

Additionally, VR could help gain people a better understanding of blockchain technology, as they would – theoretically speaking – be able to surround themselves with the blockchain itself. Use case examples, such as smart contracts, could be explored in-depth, and additional knowledge or ideas could be gathered.

It remains to be seen whether or not here is an interesting in merging VR with the digital currency. The concept seems a bit moot right now, although there are potential advantages to doing so. However, the focus of Bitcoin should be on the development of the currency and protocol itself right now, rather than VR.

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