Zebpay Mobile Bitcoin Exchange App Surpasses 100,000 Downloads

Mobile Bitcoin wallets are a great addition to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Even though there are a lot of malicious wallets in existence right now, the legitimate ones are quite successful. Over in India, Zebpay has to be the most popular one to date. In fact, the application has been downloaded over 100,000 times already, which is quite a spectacular number.

Zebpay Continues To Impress Bitcoin Users

With over 100,000 downloads from the Android and iOS stores combined, Zebpay is the most popular Bitcoin wallet solution available in India right now. Albeit the company had expected such spectacular growth over time, it is a significant milestone to reach after only launching an app in July of 2015.

Users who download and install the application will have access to all of the exchange features one could want. Reaching this milestone makes Zebpay the largest bitcoin exchange in India. The overall user experience is simple yet reliable, which is all everyone wants from an exchange platform.

Zebpay Co-founder and CTO Mahin Gupta stated:

“100,000 downloads is a big milestone for us. We are currently adding 20,000 users every month and we are confident about meeting the target of touching 350,000 downloads by the end of 2016! We are on a mission to spread bitcoins in India. We believe it has a potential to bring technological disruption in financial infrastructure.”

Keeping in mind how the application is available on both major mobile platforms, these numbers will likely increase in the future. India is warming up to Bitcoin as of late, and mobile solutions seem to be the way to go. Bitcoin is one of the few currency types users can carry with them on a phone.

All of this goes to show India can be a big market for any company looking to explore the Bitcoin market. Gaining traction as a foreign service provider could prove to be rather difficult, though. Things are looking very positive for Zebpay and Bitcoin adoption in the country, and we wish them all the best.

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