ZebPay Adds New Bitcoin Trading Features To Mobile App

Mobile Bitcoin wallet providers need to remain on their toes and offer new features to their users on a regular basis. ZebPay, one of the leading mobile wallet solutions in India, has recently added a ton of new features for more advanced Bitcoin traders. This makes the buying and selling of Bitcoin in India even smoother and more appealing than ever before.

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New Pro Bitcoiner Features From ZebPay

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Not all Bitcoin users and traders are looking for specific features when it comes to mobile wallets, but ZebPay felt now was an opportune time to introduce some new options. Most of these new offerings are aimed at more advanced Bitcoin traders, although they will be available for everyone using the ZebPay app.

The main goal of any Bitcoin exchange and mobile wallet provider is to make the purchase and sale of digital currency more convenient than ever before. Several of the new features will help achieve that goal, resulting in faster and error-free transactions for all ZebPay users.

Note from the Author: The new features are available to Android users only right now, although an updated app for iOS is coming shortly.

The first new feature lets users see their native currency balance in the ZebPay wallet. Every time a user sells bitcoins through the app, their Rs balance will be credited with the appropriate amount. This funds can then be withdrawn to a bank account or used to buy more Bitcoin in the future. Pro trader swill appreciate this feature, as it removes the need for bank transactions for every sale and purchase.

Secondly, ZebPay are now able to set their own Bitcoin price on the platform, regardless of whether this is for buy or sell purposes. Orders will be executed as soon as a matching offer is found, and there doesn’t seem to be an expiry date for these positions. Users can manually cancel these open orders when needed, though.

ZebPay has taken a lot of the community feedback to heart, and added an often-requested feature. Up until this release, it was not possible to see the Bitcoin network transaction ID or check the status of this transfer. That functionality is now available by clicking on the transaction in the overview. Albeit this might seem like a minor addition, it makes everything more convenient and avoids confusing regarding transactions taking a while to confirm.

All of these additions will help ZebPay keep their status of largest Bitcoin company in India. With a turnover of over US$3m over six months, things seem to be picking up in the country.Residents seem to enjoy the benefits ZebPay offers regarding mobile topups and offering vouchers in exchange for Bitcoin as well.

Source: ZebPay

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