YIZOOT to Take the Future of Advertising to the Blockchain with The First Tokenized Video Geo-Platform

YIZOOT has just announced the launch of the first tokenized video geo-platform. Brands, content creators and viewers will be catapulted into the future, one where their interests are aligned without expensive middlemen, and where everyone benefits from rich, location-relevant, interactive user experiences. A limited number of tokens will be available to early participants during the YIZOOT Pre-Token Offer from the 30th April to the 28th May 2018.

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Anyone can buy a geo-channel which is essentially a video channel linked to a discrete hexagonal area on YIZOOT World on the Ethereum Blockchain. Geo-channels can be branded and completely controlled by their owners (no more subjective censorship), and browsed by viewers via an innovative geographic YIZOOT World interface. Video creators tether content to their own and/or targeted third party geo-channels, subject to the latter’s rules. They also have the option to allow videos to be automatically uploaded to the geo-channels in which they were created.

Intelligent ad matching, incorporating advertiser bidding, together with geo-channel owner control, changes the rules of the game of video advertising. All players in the value chain, from the geo-channel owner to the video creator and viewer, share in the proceeds of advertising spend.

What makes this all possible is the YIZOOT Utility Token (the YIZOOT), the only means of exchange in the YIZOOT ecosystem. A fixed supply of up to 200 million YIZOOTs will be minted. Tokens not allocated or sold by the end of the Token Offer will be burned. The blockchain not only provides the transparency, immutability and necessary micropayments to enable a trusted environment for the effective operation of the breakthrough geo-channel and advertising models; it also permits proof of creation and proof of ownership.  

Enriching the experience of all users is YIZOOT’s proprietary Interactive Video Format (IVF) and leading Augmented Reality (AR) capability. The IVF, for the first time, links the videos themselves to geo-relevant supplementary information/entertainment using criteria set by geo-channel owners.

Video creators can also produce imaginative AR videos on their phones using YIZOOT’s groundbreaking app. The app, an industry first, is now available for both iOS and Android.

The Token Offer

Funding will be raised via a Token Offer, to fund the completion of the development of the solution and the implementation of the go-to-market strategy. YIZOOTs will initially be available during the Pre-Token Offer from the 30th of April 2018. 45 million tokens (22.5% of the total to be minted) will be allocated to an Incentive Fund to be used to motivate key role players to come on board. A further 5 million tokens (2.5%) will be used to support a bounty program to promote awareness of the Token Offer.

Leading up to the Pre-Token Offer, anyone interested in staking a claim in the video platform of the future, can reserve geo-channels now, with absolutely no obligation to purchase them later, by visiting yizoot.com/world. Ever fancied owning the top of the Eiffel Tower or the stage at Madison Square Garden? Now’s your chance; reserve your premier locations before someone else grabs your land!