Yelp Announces New Feature For Bitcoin

Yelp officially announced on April 10th that it would add a feature for businesses to show if they accept bitcoin.

It is a simple feature but shows that bitcoin is still being adopted.


quoted from yelps official blog post:


As a business owner, you can let your customers know you’re accepting Bitcoin by logging into your free business owner tools on and updating your payment attributes.


Rumors about Yelp adding the bitcoin feature started circulating around April 10th. Several small stores have already turned the feature on and show that they accept bitcoin.

The good thing about this announcement is that it means merchant adoption is happening. We saw Xapo who brought bitcoin to a debit card and now Yelp announces further merchant features.



After the bad news from china that caused a dump today we saw an uptrend back up. This announcement definitely helped the bitcoin price today. Currently the buy volume is pretty strong so an uptrend is expected.