XMLGold – A Different Way To Buy and Sell Bitcoin

With the Bitfinex debacle slowly unfolding, a lot of cryptocurrency users are looking at other exchange offerings. XMLGold is sending out some press releases to make their service look more legitimate. But can this exchange be trusted, as they seem to have little to no reputation whatsoever?

XMLGold Has Some Appeal To Cryptocurrency Users

When dealing with relatively unknown exchange platforms, cryptocurrency users need to be on their toes at all times. Far too often, new sites pop up which attempt to steal user’s money in the end.  XMLGold may not be one of those sites, although we are not endorsing the platform either due to a lack of information.

So what do we know about XMLGold? The platform has been around for a few years now, as there is a Bitcointalk thread dating back to January 2014. However, for an exchange that seemingly offers a lot of potential, it is difficult to find any reviews, either good or bad. That is a bit worrisome, as operating this Bitcoin service for over two years with little to no feedback usually does not bode well.


At the same time, there is no real evidence claiming XMLGold is not a legitimate platform. The company offers a wide variety of exchange services, including Bitcoin, OKPay, PayPal, and others. However, it is not possible to transfer PayPal to or from Bitcoin, which is a positive sign. Cryptocurrency payments should never be linked to reversible payment options to begin with.

The company has been posting regular updates as well. One of their latest blog posts talks about how their genuine service has kept people coming back time after time. So far, we managed to find one reference indicating a Bitcoin user has made use of XMLGold more than once. Then again, not everyone shares their exchange experiences with the public.

The lack of Bitcoin-related reviews for XMLGold can be a bit worrisome, but there are no clear indicators XMLGold will run off with your money. The company is registered in Belize, and their business model dates back to the year 2000. For those users looking for an alternative exchange, XMLGold may be worth checking out. Always do your own research, though, and never spend more money than you can afford to lose.

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