World’s First Flying Car is Available for Pre-order

It was only a matter of time until flying cars would get commercialized. According to some experts, that should not have happened anytime soon, yet the Pal-V Liberty is ready for consumers as of right now. The Dutch two-seat three-wheeler uses a dual propulsion system to transport passengers from point A to point B. A significant breakthrough that will shake up the world of vehicles as we know it today.

The World’s First Commercial Flying Car

There are some interesting facts about the PAL-V Liberty people should take into account. First of all, its dual-propulsion system allows it to transport up to three passengers at the same time. Rather than using a flying car for just one person, this Dutch project raises the bar from day one.

On the ground, the car can drive as far as 800 miles without needing a refuel or recharge. Its top speed is limited to 100 mph, albeit there are very few parts of the world where succeeding that speed is allowed. However, the major selling point of this vehicle is how users can take to the skies whenever they want. Its tail section and rotor blades need to be folded out and the propeller needs to be taken out.

The engine powering the rear motor provides the necessary trust to take the vehicle off the ground. With over 300 miles of air range and a maximum airspeed of 112 mph, this vehicle will revolutionize transportation as we know it. The only downside is how taking off requires a small airstrip or glider site, rather than just a long stretch of traditional road. All things considered, it is a vehicle of the future that is commercially available right now.

Unfortunately, the PAL-V Liberty is anything but cheap or affordable. Priced at 499,000 euros for the introductory model, it is not a vehicle just about everyone can purchase right now. Early adopters always pay a hefty price for new inventions and commercially available flying cars are no exception to this rule. It is expected prices will come down to the 300,000 Euro mark once the first batch of 90 vehicles has been completed and sold.

On top of all of this, users will need to obtain a specific license to fly this vehicle in the first place. A traditional piloting license could help, albeit it is expected a separate license will be required by the time these vehicles make their way to consumers all over the world. It is unclear what one would need to do to obtain said license and how much it would cost. Rest assured it will not be cheap by any standards.

All things considered, this is a perfect example of human ingenuity. People have been looking to solve traffic congestion for some time now and it looks like taking to the skies is the only viable option remaining. While this is an extremely expensive endeavor, there is no reason not to believe these prices will continue to plummet over the next few years. Flying cars like in the Jetsons are within our grasp, that much is certain.

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