Worldcore’s ICO Quickly Approaching $9 Million

October 23rd, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic Worldсore’s Initial Coin Offering quickly approaches $9 million as the team welcomes to their Advisory Board Anthony Di Lorio, CEO and Founder of Decentral, Jaxx and Co-founder of Ethereum. This is yet another great strategic move on Worldcore’s journey to bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and mainstream society. The ICO is set to end in the first week of November.

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A Little Bit About Anthony & Affiliations

Anthony is a community organizer, venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur and

thought-leader in the field of virtual currencies, blockchain and decentralized cryptocurrency technologies.

The first of his three projects, Decentral, is a startup consulting and innovation hub

located in downtown Toronto, Canada. This already presents a major potential synergy for Worldcore as they are an already existing and established company entering into the ICO space— a good amount with already $9 million raised with 24-days left until the end of the crowdsale. Worldcore will definitely benefit from Anthony’s expertise, experience, and vision — but I see a benefit in cultivating startups with Decentral that can further create synergies down the line with Worldcore.

Anthony and his team provide expert advice to enterprises, small businesses and startups in the volatile and rapidly disruptive space of virtual currencies and blockchain technology. Along with his vast experience, Anthony’s strong team will surely contribute to Worlcore’s quickly expanding team of over 40 employees. Although, Decentral’s consulting expertise will be a valuable resource, Worldcore’s will mostly benefit more from working with the startups already engaged within Decentral’s innovation programs.

This segues perfectly into Anthony’s second project — the multicurrency wallet, Jaxx. One advantage of Jaxx is its support for many of the leading cryptocurrency blockchain platforms. In fact, it’s their “goal to offer as much choice as possible in the new, emerging world of blockchain.”

Why would this be great for Worldcore?

Firstly, Anthony has been a signifcant Influencer for Deloitte’s initiative.  Deloitte is a leading consulting firm and tends to set the standard across the financial services industry, This initative already has Worldcore’s online bank account integrated into their platform. Furthermore, Worldcore was also mentioned in a Deloitte report as one of the most innovative FinTech companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

The potential synergy with the Jaxx Wallet’s aim to solve multiple blockchains in addition to startups and affiliations associated with Decentral alone will be a powerful combination. Furthermore, Anthony’s pivotal role as a Co-founder of Ethereum further shows the potential of a major shift in the financial services market. Ethereum continues to expand as more developers are preparing to launch decentralized applications on the platform.

Worldcore is also a payments API provider so the possibility of creating a multi-chain wallet with a cross-chain API plugging into another exchange partner (Changelly, perhaps?) in their network as the opening of a lot of new capital into the cryptocurrency markets. Here’s an article with the overview on how they aim to bring cryptocurrency mainstream.

Add in Worldcore’s innovative two-factor authentication methods and the story just gets more interesting. Security measures include FaceKey, a biometric authentication option that recognizes users by their faces; VoiceKey, a security instrument that authenticates customers by their voice; fingerprint, one-time pins, along with various other authication methods users can choose from to keep their accounts safe. This was a major reason they were mentioned by Deloitte — very innovative security measures. (Info found in the Worldcore White Paper and this article).

If you’re interested in experiencing Worldcore’s innovative multi-currency (10+) banking experience, below are links to their mobile application in Apple and Goolge’s app store. Wordlcore will soon implement cryptocurrency-fiat exchange options and wallets in their application too. Be the first to the experience:



A Word From Worldcore’s CEO

Founded in 2014, and headquarted in Prage, Czech Republic, Worldcore has become a leading EU-regulated payment institution. The brand is owned and operated by EUPSProvider s.r.o., a company licensed by the National Bank of Czech Republic.

Worldcore is an alternative payment solution combining features of modern banking with cutting-edge security and the latest technological advancement. The Blockchain Integration Project will definitely further Worldcore’s mission of becoming a fully digitalized ecosystem, enabling blockchain asset trading, a P2P lending platform, and Blockchain-based international money transfers.

“Our approach as an established business, has always been to keep our audience informed. We believe that transparency is key to success in this industry,” Worldcore’s CEO expressed in regards to the latest business evaluation report confirming their estimated valuation from Ernst-Young. “This is a truly unique and distinctive approach in the ICO industry, confirming the professionalism, transparency, and determination of the team.” – Alexey Nasonov (Quote citation)


Anthony Di Iorio

Twitter: @diiorioanthony