How Women are Empowered Through eCommerce

There is no question that the global pandemic changed the way that we go about our day to day routines. It splintered the supply chain and entire industries nearly overnight. One particular bright spot has been the booming growth of small businesses through eCommerce, particularly those that are women owned. Both the ability to work from home and being their own boss has been a game changer for women.

As there is a significant pay gap in the workplace, empowering women through eCommerce has been quite effective. According to a recent report and infographic from eCommerce platform eBay, over the last year, 82% of women have begun or increased their selling on eBay. Interestingly, the number of eBay enabled businesses in America grew by 34%. The sales of these eCommerce businesses grew by 38%.

Learn more about how you can support women lead small business through eCommerce from the visual deep dive below, courtesy of eBay:

eBay Empowering Women Through eCommerce