Wirex Offers Free Virtual Bitcoin Debit Card To App Users

Bitcoin debit cards make it very easy to spend cryptocurrency anywhere in the world. Both online and offline shoppers can reap the benefits of this approach.  Physical and virtual cards are becoming more widely accessible to users worldwide. Wirex, formerly known as E-Coin, has announced the expansion of their virtual Bitcoin debit cards through the mobile application.

Wirex Improves Bitcoin Debit Card Availability

While there is an argument to be made as to how convenient physical Bitcoin debit cards may be, the virtual counterpart can play a major role as well. For one-time purchases, or even verifying a PayPal account, a virtual debit card will work as well as a physical version. Wirex now lets users generate additional cards through their mobile application.

Free virtual debit cards make it convenient for Wirex users to spend their cryptocurrency wherever they want. Every user who has the application installed – either on Android or iOS – can create a new virtual Bitcoin debit card with a few taps. This should help spread the usage and adoption of Bitcoin in the long run.

Both existing and new users can reap the benefits from this new functionality immediately. The application is free to download, and it does not matter whether or not the user has a previous card associated to their account. Users can even set up the billing address they want to have associated with the virtual card. Some services require a particular region address before they can be used.

Existing E-Coin users can log in to the Wirex App by using their current account. All of these accounts will be moved to the Wirexapp platform in the future,  All of the cards issued are Visa-branded, which are accepted on a global scale. It is possible to use the card for any online purchase anywhere in the world.

It is important to keep in mind these virtual Bitcoin debit cards can be used anywhere around the world with ease. However, to lift the US$2,500 lifetime limit, users will need to verify their account. This process can be completed in over the 130 countries served by Wirex. Make sure to download the Wired application for Android or iOS here.

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