Will Coinbase Surprise Us With A New Billion-Dollar Contract?

Coinbase, which also happens to be one of the world’s leading Bitcoin wallets and exchange service, was the direct protagonist of a massive increase in business back in the year of 2014. With this in mind, not long ago, the co-founder of the company set lofty goals, most of which he actually managed to achieve, as his Bitcoin company signed a couple of billion dollar businesses and merchants last year.


To be more exact, they started off with Overstock.com and quickly moved to a couple of other companies in May such as DISH (a popular satellite TV service provider), but also other billion-dollar brands such as Dell or Expedia, all of which they still have contracts with at this moment in time.

However, the last couple of months have been free of any major events, which does manage to bring in a couple of questions. Is Coinbase now fully satisfied with the number of contracts that they have signed with million and billion-dollar companies? Will they proceed to create partnerships with other companies in the near feature, as an effort to extend their influence over the Bitcoin market?

Well, sources indicate that this represents exactly what will happen quite soon. At this moment, Western Union, the famous service that people from all around the world use to transfer sums of money from one country to another does not offer the ability for people to do transactions with the cryptocurrency, which has definitely saddened those who hold vast amounts of the coin and would like to send some over to a relative or friend situated in another city or country. While this remains speculation, a few rumours have been heard of Western Union discussing a plausible partnership with Coinbase, which would definitely be one of big proportions based on the large amount of pay-points that WU has set up in tons of different countries.

Other Bitcoin fans speculate that service providers such as Uber could allow Bitcoin payments soon, which would definitely be understandable based on the nature of this business, which is basically an app that allows people to become taxi-drivers in exchange for a certain rate.

However, there are also chances for Coinbase to carry on with the businesses that they have contracts with at this moment, and actually focus their time and resources on modifying the exchange service part of their business, which would probably need a few readjustments to ensure that more and more people will try it out and that it will actually thrive in the long run. Anyway, the truth is that a new investment or contract will probably be accepted once the coin becomes just a little bit more stable, as the last couple of days, but also weeks have been filled with fluctuations that can easily be called major for this period.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about the plans that Coinbase has at this moment? It feels quite odd to think that the company has ceased the desire of signing new companies and improving their services, so what are they planning to do after all? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.