WHO Deems the Novel Coronavirus to be a Pandemic as US Death Toll Rises to 31

Although it was merely a matter of time, the novel coronavirus is now an official pandemic. Given the rate at which infections and deaths rise, that is anything but surprising.

The World Health Organization has confirmed that the novel coronavirus is a global pandemic.

Pandemic Status for the Novel Coronavirus

Entirely to be expected, now that the number of confirmed cases continues to skyrocket.

Additionally, there are now over 4,300 deaths globally associated with this pandemic.

Ringing the alarm bell is the only logical option as the situation continues to worsen.

To this day, some people still think this is just another type of flu.

By declaring it an official pandemic, that narrative will not hold up under pressure or scrutiny.

In the US, 31 people have succumbed to the novel coronavirus to date.

There are still nearly 1,000 others who have shown symptoms related to the pandemic.

According to CDC officials, the novel coronavirus is now active in at least 38 states across the US.

Europe has become the new center of focus, whereas China claims everything is under control.

Many people travel between the US and Europe, thus increasing the number of cases.

It is the first time that a coronavirus outbreak is labelled as a global pandemic.

Just giving it another label will not make the problems go away, however.